USCIS Implements Email Communication for I-924 Applicants

In a much anticipated move, USCIS announced today that it has commenced offering direct email access with I-924 adjudicators for applicants with currently pending I-924 applications. The Form I-924 is used to secure designation as an approved Regional Center for participation in the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Pilot Program.

In connection with the new procedure, the agency has assigned a “unique identifier” to each proposed or existing Regional Center with a currently pending application, and it indicates it will assign such a unique identifier in connection with new I-924 applications as they are filed. Applicants and their counsel (provided counsel’s G-28 includes an email address) are instructed to use the unique identifier, along with the I-924 application receipt number and the name of the Regional Center, when contacting the new email address “to discuss issues” relating to their pending applications. USCIS adjudicators may use this e-mail procedure to informally ask questions of applicants. The agency’s announcement clarifies that the procedure is intended to supplement, but not replace, the standard RFE/NOID process.

To see the full text of the USCIS announcement in Q & A format, click here


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